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Hello fellow online marketers, entrepreneurs and newcomers looking for viable opportunities to improve your financial situation forever for the better (whatever that means to you)!


Jonathon Wurm here and I’m beyond grateful that we’re able to come together to create this opportunity for me to contribute to your life in a meaningful way.

Why? I’ve been an entrepreneur for 13+ years now and over this time I have developed a clear vision for a world where 98% of everyone on the planet are empowered in all 7 areas of life:

Financial, vocational (career, business), social, familial, physical, mental and spiritual.

This is the opposite of the world we live in now where 98% of the population is not empowered in all if any of these key life areas, especially financial and vocational.

That’s why Marketing Sherpa was created. To focus on empowering people in these two areas of life that greatly affect our growth and fulfillment as human beings.


That calling is what inspired me to Marketing Sherpa for 3 kinds of people because I believe they are the ones that can affect the most change the fastest to complete the mission at hand:

The newcomers to entrepreneurship and marketing who are just trying to make sense of it all so they can get off to a great start:

You know deep down that becoming a successful entrepreneur will change the lives of the people you love and those that you serve in your business infinitely for the better, but you don’t already have a business or know how to market it successfully online if you did.

The veteran marketer:

You’ve studied and practiced your craft but despite your best efforts you always come up short and don’t quite get the results you want. You’re always learning, growing and adjusting but never winning for some reason (been there).

Those who have a calling, purpose or message:

You HAVE TO figure out how to share it with the world because you know that the world will be at a loss if you don’t and you’ll never reach your full potential otherwise!

Are you one or some combination of the 3 mentioned above?

Good! We’ll change the world by helping people to reframe their views and beliefs about what success is and means for themselves so that they can custom tailor fulfillment in 2 areas of life that greatly affect all others, vocation (business, entrepreneurship, marketing) and finances.



Here are the 3 ways we go about doing this:

1) We’ll help people reframe and change their current beliefs with regards to business and finances. The technical aspect of achieving success is important but not the only component to creating long term business and financial success.

2) We’ll eliminate useless “learning adventures” where you spend years of your time and thousands ($$$) on courses, books, training, software and testing.

Learning adventures are when you go down these different paths that you believe will get you to your final goal. You learn some useful things along the way, but the most important thing you learned is to simply “not do that again” because it’s just another thing that didn’t work for you. There’s an infinite number of ways to do something and not get the results you want but only a few ways that will get you the results to move forward.

3) Give them Flash-bang memories…

These are moments in time that are painted so vividly in your mind you can remember every single detail like you’re right there.

That could be something like Inviting your friends and family over to that big new house you’ve always dreamed of, meeting that special someone while traveling freely abroad or seeing that huge crowd of people welcoming you out on stage happen in slow motion as you get out into the world and make your mark on history…

These are the incremental results of your success from reframing your views and beliefs and eliminating learning adventures so you can get there faster.

Can you imagine what the world would be like if most people experienced this in their life on a regular basis? That’s the world I want to create for you and with you!


Our community is active through the following channels:

Will you become a Marketing Sherpa and join our community so we can all work together to make this happen? It’s would be our joy to have you!

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